The Best Time of Year to Buy Heating Oil

Written on: August 28, 2023

Start the Heating Season with a Full Tank

heating oil delivery Chester county, pa The dog days of August might seem like the unlikeliest time to think about purchasing heating oil, but ordering your fuel in the off-season could save you money.

No one can predict when heating oil prices will rise or fall since prices are subject to a number of factors that can change quickly. This includes the price of crude oil, geopolitics, world events, the state of the economy and the weather. But filling your tank before the heating season officially begins on October 1 will almost always give you more bang for your buck.

Less expensive heating oil isn’t the only benefit to ordering fuel in the offseason. By keeping your tank full during the warm weather months, you could also help avoid issues with your heating oil storage tank too.

When your oil storage tank contains more air than fuel, moisture from the trapped air collects inside the tank, forming condensation on the tank’s walls. A damp tank is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms that eventually create fuel line-clogging sludge. These conditions could also corrode the tank over time. With a full tank, there is less chance of condensation forming in the first place. This improves your tank’s overall lifespan and prevents costly heating system repairs or premature failure of your oil tank.

Save on Heating Oil All the Time with Lawman’s

Of course, if you’ve been relying on Lawman’s Oil for your fuel needs, you’re already saving money. We sell only top-grade B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel—but without the inflated price that many other heating fuel companies in our region may charge.

Our B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel is a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and 20% renewable biodiesel that’s made from organic and recycled products like soybean oil, used cooking oils and inedible corn oil.

The most refined grade of heating oil available, clean-burning Bioheat Plus fuel has virtually no negative impact on the environment. Bioheat Plus fuel produces near-zero levels of particulate matter during the combustion process.

Plus, as the amount of biofuels in Bioheat Plus fuel is increased in the coming years, this highly refined home heating oil will move closer and closer to becoming a carbon-neutral fuel.

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Become a Lawman’s Oil Customer this Year

With some of the best heating oil prices in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, Lawman’s Oil has you covered whenever you need your next delivery.
With great pricing you will love, you will be able to enjoy life more and worry less about your heating oil expenses. We make thousands of heating oil deliveries every single year to customers in many communities, offering the most complete, competitively priced, and reliable heating oil supply services you’ll find anywhere in the region.

Support the American Breast Cancer Foundation

Whenever you purchase fuel from us, you are also joining us in the fight against cancer. We donate 1¢ of every gallon we sell to the American Breast Cancer Foundation, which helps women in need by providing mammograms, prevention and early-detection programs, and support during and after diagnosis.

If you’re not a Lawman’s customer yet, please contact us and we’ll help you get set up.