We Need Your Help to Make Deliveries

Written on: January 28, 2018

Fuel truck in the sunset

During periods of extreme cold, please help us by checking your fuel tank levels regularly. So far this winter, our customers have been burning 20% more fuel than normal because of the record-cold temperatures we have experienced.

We do not want you to run out! Please do your best not to let your tank go fall below one-quarter before calling us. We will get a delivery truck to your home as soon as possible.

Make it Easy

We have tank monitors available for our customers. If you would like one, call us at 877-692-4230 to schedule an installation date. It only takes about 15-minutes to get your tank monitor set up.

Once your monitor is in place, you will get an alert on your smartphone, letting you know you are running low and need to order more fuel.

Keep it Clear

To help our drivers fill your tank safely and quickly, please be sure that the way to your fill pipe is free of debris and branches, and clear a path (about a foot wide) after a snowfall. If your tank is underground, please flag it so drivers can find it easily.

If we regularly need to use your driveway to deliver, please bear in mind when clearing your driveway after snow, our trucks need a 9- to 10-foot-wide path to maneuver safely. Because of the safety risk, we cannot deliver your fuel if your driveway isn’t clear.

Thank you in advance from our drivers!