Watch Your Oil Tank Closer This Fall

Written on: July 27, 2020

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Many of our customers changed their fuel consumption patterns when the COVID-19 outbreak began in our area at the end of last heating season.

With the outlook for mitigation more uncertain than ever, we encourage our customers to keep a closer watch on their oil tank levels this season, especially for those who continue working from home or have kids who are still not able to return to their school full-time. With more people staying home most of the time, it’s only natural that you will burn more fuel.

So please be more diligent about watching your tank and allow us plenty of notice so we have enough time to fit you into our schedule and make your delivery. Please call or use your Lawman’s account to order online when your tank is about ¼ full.

Ask us about a Wi-Fi tank monitor

We have a solution that helps you remain confident that you will avoid running out of fuel: the Gremlin tank monitor.

The Gremlin keeps you in complete control of your deliveries. When we install this monitor for you, we’ll always know how much heating oil is in your tank. You will too—thanks to our user-friendly phone app.

After we install the monitor on your aboveground tank, you can download an app that shows you the fuel you have in your tank, any time, from anywhere. It also shows how much you’ve been using on a daily basis, so you can map out a time for when you want to get your next delivery.

It’s easy. Just tap an icon and you’ll be able to call or email us, or access our website, to order oil on your phone. As a safeguard, if you are getting too low, we can send you a notification to remind you to order.

To qualify for a tank monitor, you must have Wi-Fi service and an aboveground tank. We have time to install these now on a first come/first served basis, before the weather gets cold again. Please call 877-692-4230 for more information or to schedule an easy 15-minute installation appointment.

Did you remember to fill up your oil tank for the summer?

Important news that protects your heating equipment and oil storage tank bears repeating. Every year, we issue a reminder to customers that they should be going through the summer months with a full tank of oil.

Leaving your tank with very little oil left inside during the warm weather can result in condensation forming inside the empty space of your tank.

Condensation can lead to the build-up of sludge at the bottom of your tank. Sludge can make its way into the fuel line and clog it, causing your heating system to stop working. Condensation can also corrode your tank from the inside out – a big problem that could be difficult to see coming and costly to resolve.

That’s why it’s best to keep your tank at least half-full (preferably more) during the warm months.

More benefits to a summer fill

Knowing you’re protecting your investment in a home heating oil storage tank should give you plenty of motivation to keep your tank full. But there are other benefits to filling your oil tank now, instead of waiting for the cold weather to return.

If you’re a Lawman’s customer and want to fill up your tank, please call us or log into your online account to request a delivery.