How Much Oil Will I Use Every Day?

Written on: December 27, 2021

Many Variables Affect Fuel Usage

heating oil use new jerseyMany factors affect your fuel use, including the weather, the size of your home, the quality of insulation in your home, the efficiency of your furnace or boiler and your family’s own heating preferences.

But here’s one basic rule of thumb that will help to give you a general estimate. If outdoor temperatures average about 32° over a 24-hour period, a typical 2,500 square foot house will burn about six or seven gallons of heating oil per day.

So if temperatures are right around the freezing mark and you have a quarter of a tank of oil left in a 275-gallon tank, you’ll have enough oil to last about a week. This is why you should always call for your heating oil delivery when your tank gets no lower than one-quarter full, especially during cold weather.

It’s always better to be conservative and order your heating oil early rather than getting stuck in a no-heat emergency because you waited too long and your tank went dry.

Avoid Run-outs this Winter

We can install a device that wirelessly monitors your fuel usage, so we will always know the actual amount of fuel in your tank.

With this precision, Lawman’s Oil customers can feel 100% confident they will get exactly the fuel they need, when they need it.

If there have been changes in your household that will increase your fuel usage, you don’t have to ask us to adjust your delivery schedule.

This is a proven method that allows us to manage your fuel supply, freeing you up to handle other important household tasks during the heating season. Here is how it works.

Our wireless monitor takes a daily reading of the fuel level of your tank. This data is then relayed to Lawman’s system so we know when to make your next delivery. We will deliver fuel automatically to you, usually when your oil tank gets to be one-quarter full. The result: minimal chance of a run-out, no more calling for a delivery and no more monitoring your fuel levels on your own.

So, instead of having to call us every time you need more oil, you don’t have to do anything! Our driver will simply come to your home and fill your tank based on the schedule we have built for you.
There is no need to schedule and wait for deliveries, and you’ll avoid the expense and hassle of having your system tested and primed for restart—something that is required after a run-out. There is no extra charge to be on an automatic delivery schedule.

Are You in Our Service Area?

For high-quality Bioheat Plus® fuel at great prices, count on Lawman’s Oil to always deliver for you! Our service area includes Gloucester, Camden, and Salem Counties in New Jersey; New Castle County in Delaware; and Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania.

We donate 1¢ of every gallon of heating oil we sell to the American Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides individuals in financial need, their families, and their loved ones with education, support, and access to early detection.