How Does a Wi-Fi Tank Monitor Work?

Written on: May 22, 2019

Gremlin tank monitor

For a while now, our tech-savvy customers have asked us to find a solution that makes it easier for them to get exactly the fuel they need, when they want it, while remaining confident that they will avoid running out of fuel. Well, we listened and have an answer.

The Gremlin monitors that we now install help you do all of that, including keeping you in complete control of your deliveries. When we install our Gremlin monitor for you, we’ll always know how much heating oil is in your tank. You will too—thanks to our user-friendly phone app.

After we install the monitor on your aboveground tank, you can download an app that shows you the fuel you have in your tank, any time, from anywhere. It also shows how much you’ve been using on a daily basis, so you can map out a time for when you want to get your next delivery.

It’s easy. At the tap of an icon, you’ll be able to call or email us, or access our website to order oil on your phone. As a safeguard, if you are getting too low, we can send you a notification to remind you to order.

New tank monitors at tremendous savings while supplies last

Normally these monitors sell for $349 plus installation—but not for Lawman’s customers.

We have a limited number of monitors we will install for loyal Lawman’s customers for just a $2 per month monitoring fee*. That’s significantly below our cost. All we ask is that you buy your oil from us. If you decide to stop getting your oil from Lawman’s, we can either remove your monitor, or charge you the balance of the cost, whichever you prefer.

To get all of the great benefits of this monitor, you must have Wi-Fi service and an aboveground tank. We have time to install these now on a first come/first served basis, before the weather gets cold again. So if this sounds good to you, please call us at 877-692-4230 to schedule an easy 15-minute install appointment.

Adding an extra level of confidence to your home comfort is just one more example of why it pays to buy from Lawman’s.

*Restrictions apply. Not available for all types of tanks. You must get your oil exclusively from Lawman’s in order to receive the special rate. If you ask us to remove the monitor, there is a $39 service charge. If you would like to buy out the monitor, we will apply all your previous payments to the cost. After 5 years, the monitor becomes your property.