How Does My Oil Heating System Work?

Written on: August 30, 2021

about oilheat systems new jerseyhe proven reliability of modern oil heating controls has been an important factor in making today’s oil heat a remarkably safe and efficient fuel for heating homes in the Delaware Valley and beyond.

To begin with, a wide range of limit controls, thermostats and switching relays are used in oil heating systems. Oil-powered boilers and oil furnaces have both become more accurate and sophisticated because of advances in technology. Here’s an overview of some of the controls that are an important part of your oil heating system.

Besides all of the controls noted above, many new oil boilers now incorporate energy-saving controls that greatly reduce fuel usage by as much as 10% and provide a more even heat.

Additionally, high-efficiency oil furnaces now feature variable speed motors that use about 80% less power to operate.

Do you know where your system’s power switches are?

There are usually two switches that will cut off power to the oil burner. A red emergency switch is typically located at the top of the basement stairs. If the heating system is located in a utility room, look for the emergency switch near the room’s entrance. A second burner power switch is often found on or near the heating system.

Do you have a modern thermostat?

Many people are now using a smart thermostat in their oil-heated homes. A WiFi enabled thermostat allows homeowners to view and change temperature settings from their smartphone or tablet. Once the smart thermostat gets installed, the homeowner registers it online. This enables access from any location.

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