Heating Oil Vs. Fuel Oil

Written on: April 22, 2024

What Do You Call the Fuel in Your Oil Tank?

heating oil Salem County, NJ Do you know the difference between home heating oil and fuel oil? At first glance, these descriptive terms may seem interchangeable, but there are some subtle differences.

First, home heating oil applies only to the heating fuel your furnace or boiler uses to heat your home.

And while it’s perfectly okay to call the heating oil that powers your furnace or boiler fuel oil, this term is not limited to home heating oil. Fuel oil is a broader term because it refers to any petroleum product that can power a home heating system or an engine. For instance, diesel fuel is a good example of fuel oil.

What these terms have in common is that all these fuels are derived from crude oil during the refining process, which separates crude oil into different “fractions” while removing impurities.

The lighter fractions of crude oil eventually become propane, butane, and petrochemicals while slightly heavier fractions are used to produce gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and No. 2 home heating oil.

Types of Common Fuel Oil Products

How You Stay Warm with Home Heating Oil

You either have a heating oil furnace or heating oil boiler in your home. A furnace uses air to heat your home, while boilers use water. Furnaces and boilers both use oil to generate heat, and it starts in the combustion chamber, where the oil is tuned into a flame by the oil burner.

The burner can be considered the engine of your heating oil system. When your house gets chilly, the thermostat will send a signal to tell the oil burner in the furnace or boiler to turn on. A fuel pump then starts to draw the oil from the tank and through fuel lines to reach the oil burner.

There is a device on the burner called the nozzle, which turns the oil into a fine spray. This oil mist mixes with air and ignites in the combustion chamber, which gets extremely hot. This heat then gets moved around your home and comes out either through radiators or baseboards (if you have a boiler) or vents (if you have a furnace).

Heating Oil Delivery in Salem County, NJ and Beyond

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