Heating Oil Delivery

Written on: November 28, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

heating oil pennsylvania The delivery team at Lawman’s Oil has put together information to answer some of the most common questions customers have about heating oil usage and the process of preparing for a delivery, measuring your tank level, avoiding run-outs and more.

Q: How Much Oil Will I Need During Winter?

A: Many factors affect your fuel use, including the outdoor temperature, the size of your home, the quality of insulation in your home, the efficiency of your furnace or boiler and your family’s own heating preferences.

But here’s one basic rule of thumb that will help to give you a general estimate. If outdoor temperatures average about 32° over a 24-hour period, a typical 2,500 square foot house will burn about six or seven gallons of heating oil per day.

Q: How Do I Read My Oil Tank Gauge?

On top of the tank is a clear glass or plastic cube that is marked with numbers that resemble the gas gauge of your car: F, ¾, ½, ¼. A red marker or float commonly indicates the amount of fuel left in your tank – if the float is at the bottom of the gauge or not visible at all, your tank is empty or nearly empty.

To make sure the gauge is working, carefully remove the outer case and gently press the float down. If it bobs back up to the original position, the gauge is working. If the gauge is not working, contact us and let us know. The last thing you want to do is to start guessing how much oil is left in your tank.

Q: How Can I Tell How Many Gallons I Have Left?

A: The most common size of heating oil tank is 275 gallons, but the size of the tank doesn’t indicate how much fuel it actually holds.

When full, a 275-gallon tank holds approximately 235-255 gallons depending on how deep the vent pipe goes in to the top of the tank; the rest of the space is left to allow for air or debris at the bottom of your tank. So, if your gauge reads “½” in a 275-gallon tank, you have about 117 gallons left, not 135 or so as you might first expect. Other tank sizes may include 230 and 240 gallons (the size is often indicated on the side of your tank; older models may not include that information). 

Q: How Can I Avoid Running Out?

To make winter deliveries easier and stress-free for you, consider using our convenient and free automatic delivery program. Combined with a wireless tank monitor, this allows us to be accurate about your fuel needs and lets us make timely deliveries to your heating oil tank.

But if you still prefer to call for heating oil, you need to give us extra time when conditions are harsh in order to avoid running out of fuel. It’s best to call us when your oil tank falls to the one-quarter mark.

Q: What Can I Do to Be Ready for a Delivery?

In bad winter weather conditions, our delivery drivers may encounter some problems that can cause your heating oil delivery to be delayed or rescheduled. In normal conditions, you can expect your delivery within two business days of your order.

Here’s what you can do to help make sure that your B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel can be delivered in a timely fashion.

Keeping your tank accessible throughout the year will put a smile on the faces of our drivers. Thank you in advance for your help!

Help Support the American Breast Cancer Foundation

You can make a difference by making Lawman’s Oil your preferred heating oil delivery company. For several years now, we have donated 1¢ of every gallon of heating oil we have delivered to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

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