Five Interesting Facts About Heating Oil

Written on: April 24, 2023

Stay Informed about Advancements in Heating Oil

heating oil Gloucester county If you’re a long-time heating oil customer, you probably know a lot about the fuel that keeps you and your family warm. But here are five interesting facts about the “new” heating oil that you may not know.

Heating Oil Is More Clean-Burning than Ever

Advancements in both fuel quality and heating equipment have made heating oil more clean-burning than ever before. First, Lawman’s Oil only delivers B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel. This is a mix of ultra-low sulfur heating oil blended with 20% premium biofuel made from renewable resources. The use of Bioheat fuel lowers greenhouse gas emissions and puts home heating oil on track to becoming a carbon-neutral fuel. It has already been proven that B20 Bioheat Plus fuel emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas! Read more about getting a heating oil delivery from Lawman’s.

More Efficient than Natural Gas & Electric

Heating oil generates nearly 140,000 Btu’s of heat for every gallon burned. An equivalent amount of natural gas only produces about 100,000 Btu’s of heat, and an equivalent amount of electricity generates a paltry 3,413 Btu’s.

Why does heating oil reign as a leader in energy efficiency? The flame in a heating oil system burns much hotter than other energy systems can generate. This produces more heat and warmer air or water, leading to evenly distributed heat throughout the house. When the outdoor temperatures are in the single digits, that powerful heat output can help keep your home as cozy as ever.

Second, technology has also brought great improvements in heating oil equipment efficiency that have reduced annual fuel consumption by as much as 40%. This has saved heating oil consumers a lot of money on fuel.

Bioheat Fuel: Made in America

Bioheat fuel is sourced and produced right here in the United States, supporting local farmers, local industries and local economies. The U.S. biodiesel and renewable diesel industries now support about 65,000 U.S. jobs and more than $17 billion in economic activity each year.

The production process puts excess plant oil and animal fats to good use, diverting waste products from landfills. Food production is never sacrificed for fuel in the creation of Bioheat fuel.

Bioheat fuel has a significant advantage over other green home heating products: it’s available right now and reduces greenhouse gas emissions every day.

Bioheat Fuel Saves You Money

Bioheat fuel burns more cleanly and more efficiently than conventional heating oil. So, you’ll be using less fuel to get the same amount of warmth, and your heating system will last longer. You’ll also likely find that you need fewer repairs on your system. You may also be able to extend the time between system maintenance. All of this amounts to savings!

Oil Tanks Have Vastly Improved

Any real estate agent can tell you that the biggest obstacle in selling a home that uses heating oil often revolves around the oil storage tank. But that obstacle can easily become a nonissue if the home has a modern, aboveground oil tank.

There have been big improvements in heating oil tanks over the years. One of the most important is double-walled construction with an outside layer of corrosion-proof galvanized steel. This keeps the chance of a costly leak to a minimum. Other innovations include:

A heating-oil storage tank gives homeowners the ability to safely store an adequate supply of heating oil that’s ready for immediate use whenever the need for home heating arises.

Helping Others with Our Bioheat Plus Fuel Deliveries

You can make a difference by making Lawman’s Oil your preferred heating oil delivery company. For several years now, we have donated 1¢ of every gallon of heating oil we have delivered to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.