What Kind of Winter Will It Be This Year?

Written on: October 25, 2021

What the Farmer’s Almanac Says

heating oil service delawareThis past summer’s heat waves and high, dripping-wet humidity levels made all of us long for some cooler weather. But unfortunately, today’s cooler temperatures eventually transition into something much colder.

With this in mind, we consulted The Farmer’s Almanac to see what lies ahead of us for winter of 2021-22. Here’s what we found out.

The venerable Almanac predicts near-to somewhat-below normal temperatures across the eastern part of the country. The early part of winter, which begins this year on Tuesday, December 21, will start off mild, according to the Almanac’s prognosticators.

They say it will begin to feel like winter around mid-January, when colder conditions settle in. As far as snow, it’s predicted that a significant storm will happen at least one time each in January, February and March.

While it’s always interesting to read speculations about what winter may bring us, we know the best thing to do is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In our business, we understand only too well that it’s a fool’s errand to try to out-guess Mother Nature.

Did You Fill Your Tank Yet?

The official start of the heating season began on October 1 and continues for six (sometimes long) months. If you haven’t made preparations to get your home ready for winter yet, it’s time to get going.
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