Why Bioheat® Fuel Matters For The Environment

Written on: March 29, 2021

why bioheat new jerseyIt’s been about a year now since Lawman’s Oil started to deliver B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel to our customers.

Like the heating oil industry itself, Lawman’s Oil is committed to green energy solutions that not only protect the environment but also enhance comfort, convenience and savings for all of our customers. Bioheat® fuel is a critical component of this effort.

In fact, the heating oil industry has dedicated itself to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for heating oil by 2050. This means your heating oil will have a carbon footprint of zero

How is this possible? It’s all due to the growth of Bioheat fuel, which provides a bright future for the millions of heating oil consumers in the U.S.

What Exactly Is Bioheat Fuel?

Bioheat fuel is the industry’s official registered name for the fuel that consists of a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel that’s made from organic and recycled products. These products can range from soybean oil, used cooking oils, inedible corn oil, canola, tallow, fats and algae.

Bioheat fuel is sourced and produced right here in the United States, supporting local farmers, local industries and local economies.

The most refined grade of heating oil available, Bioheat fuel is one of the cleanest burning heating sources for your home or business. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly and no changes to your existing heating oil system are necessary in order to use Bioheat fuel. Studies have shown that B20 Bioheat fuel burns cleaner than natural gas because it generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

What Do The Numbers Mean?

When a biodiesel blend (Bioheat fuel) is established, its name comes from the percentage of biodiesel it includes. B5 means that the fuel has a 5% blend of biodiesel. A 10% blend means you have B10, and a 20% blend gives you B20. Because of its higher biodiesel content, a B20 blend is also referred to as Bioheat Plus® fuel.

Is Bioheat Fuel Both Environmentally Friendly AND Good For My Bottom Line?

Yes! On its face, the cost of Bioheat fuel is similar to that of traditional heating oil. In most cases, you’d be looking at a difference of fractions of a cent per gallon. However, warming your home with Bioheat fuel will lower your expenses in ways that are related to its environmental impact.

Bioheat fuel burns more cleanly and more efficiently than conventional heating oil. So, you’ll be using less heat to get the same amount of warmth, and your heating system will last longer. You’ll also likely find that you need fewer repairs on your system. All of this amounts to savings!

We hope this news makes you feel good about using heating oil—and choosing Lawman’s as your dependable Bioheat fuel supplier.

Please continue to contact Lawman’s Oil for reliable Bioheat fuel deliveries. For the convenience of Lawman’s customers, delivery requests can be made online by going here.

And please remember, we donate 1¢ of every gallon of heating oil our customers purchase to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.