Bioheat® Fuel Represents the Future

Written on: April 25, 2022

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Protecting the Earth

clean energy delawareIt’s been about two years since Lawman’s Oil started to deliver B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel to our customers. We did this because we’re committed to realistic green energy solutions that not only protect the environment but also enhance energy efficiency, savings, and comfort for all of our customers.

We work in conjunction with the heating oil industry, which is dedicated to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for heating oil by 2050. This means your heating fuel will eventually have a carbon footprint of zero.

Understanding Bioheat Fuel

The B20 part of our B20 Bioheat Plus fuel stands for what percentage of the fuel is made with biofuels. That means that our Bioheat fuel is made with 20% biofuels. This high level of biofuel is why B20 Bioheat Plus fuel burns extremely clean—generating less greenhouse gas emissions than a natural gas system.

Clean-burning Bioheat Plus fuel has virtually no negative impact on the environment. It produces near-zero levels of particulate matter during the combustion process.

Because of its super-clean-burning properties, Bioheat Plus fuel also eliminates the source of most equipment issues.

As biofuels in Bioheat fuel are increased in the coming years, this highly refined home heating oil will move closer and closer to becoming a carbon-neutral fuel.

Bioheat fuel is also made in the United States, which helps supports local farmers, local industries and a local economy.

Efficiency Improvements

Because it is cleaner burning, Bioheat Plus fuel helps to increase system efficiency, which reduces your home heating expenses while still keeping you comfortable.

B20 Bioheat Plus also leaves fewer deposits on your system’s internal parts. That helps to reduce wear and tear, meaning you will likely have fewer breakdowns and a longer life expectancy for your boiler or furnace than compared to running it with traditional heating oil. And while B20 Bioheat Plus fuel can do all these things, it functions the same way conventional No. 2 heating oil does. That means you don’t need to add anything to or modify your boiler or furnace in any way.

Extremely Safe

Heating oil has always been one of the safest home heat sources because it’s nonexplosive and the fuel in its liquid state cannot ignite.

What most people don’t know is that the advent of Bioheat fuel has made home heating oil even safer. That’s because Bioheat fuel has a higher flash point, or ignition temperature. It’s just one more thing that homeowners who use Bioheat fuel can feel good about.

Helping Others with Our Bioheat Plus Fuel Deliveries

You can make a difference by making Lawman’s Oil your preferred heating oil delivery company. For several years now, we have donated 1¢ of every gallon of heating oil we have delivered to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Go here to see how much we have donated so far.

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